“I Got Rear Ended, I’ll Be Fine Though” Common Injuries In Rear End Accidents

“I Got Rear Ended, I’ll Be Fine Though” Common Injuries In Rear End Accidents

I got rear ended by another driver, I think I’m fine though, just a little sore.” This is a very common phrase drivers utter after a car accident. Many drivers feel pain or are sore directly after being on the receiving end of a car collision, but because they are able to walk and talk, many times refuse an ambulance or refuse to go to the hospital.

Another very common occurrence is when the person gets delayed pain after a wreck, and end up needing medical attention. Its very common for injuries to manifest themselves days after a car accident. No one who is in a car crash should ever try to “tough it out.” Even mild pain can be a signal of a serious injury.

There are many injuries that can occur from rear end collisions, and some are indeed very minor, while other are extremely serious that need immediate medical attention.


Whiplash is a type of neck strain. In rear end collisions, whiplash is a frequent occurrence. When the car is struck from behind, the driver or passengers are suddenly jerked forward that leads to tears in the muscles and tendons in the neck.


Concussions are highly probable, especially if the injured person hit there head on the steering wheel, windshield, or dashboard. A concussion occurs because your brain is basically be jarred. The brain hits the skull which leads to a concussion. Concussions are an injured that doesn’t always manifest immediately after an accident.

Soft Tissue Damage

Far and away the most common injuries in most car accidents. Soft Tissue damage is a less severe injury, but none the less painless. This tissue damage can occur to almost every single part of the body. However, it is also the most common injury that does not manifest immediately. It may days or weeks after the rear end collision for the person to experience the symptoms.

Traumatic Brain Damage

Traumatic Brain Damage is one of the most serious injuries that can come from a car accident. What makes Traumatic Brain Damage scary is that it could cause death in the injured, and the symptoms of that injury don’t always manifest immediately just like the other injuries that have been discussed. Confusion, dizziness, chronic headaches, can all be indicators of traumatic brain injury, and if you or someone you know are having these symptoms after the accident and have not sought out medical attention, it should be done immediately to ensure there is not more serious problems, such an brain hemorrhaging.

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