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Southern Illinois Criminal Defense Lawyers

If you’ve have been arrested and are now facing criminal charges, the time to retain an aggressive and experienced criminal attorney is now. Whether it is a felony or misdemeanor, the consequences of a conviction can have dire consequences. When it comes to criminal charges, the stakes are too high and your freedom is too important to have anyone less than the best defense lawyer representing you. Our criminal defense lawyers have the knowledge and experience that you can rely on when you’re facing any criminal charge. Our criminal attorneys proudly represent clients across southern Illinois and work diligently every day to protect your rights and to ensure you get the best possible outcome possible.

A Legacy & Tradition of Criminal Defense Excellence

Here at Olson & Reeves, our partner, Attorney Josh Reeves personally handles all our firm’s criminal cases. Josh’s passion is criminal defense work. Josh handles criminal & DUI and travels all across Southern Illinois representing clients. Josh has defended multiple clients in jury and bench trials. Josh is continuing the legacy of providing superior criminal defense representation by our Of Counsel Attorneys Eddie Veltman & Steve Quinn. 

“Fast” Eddie Veltman – Eddie is a Marion County legend. He’s been practicing law since 1976.“ Fast” Eddie has handled criminal & DUI cases across southern Illinois. He’s taken 100 cases to jury trial with plenty of not guilty verdicts on his resume. Eddie is currently Of Counsel for Olson & Reeves and acts as an advisor to Josh Reeves on criminal cases.

Steve Quinn – Steve enjoyed 33 plus years as a well-known attorney in his home town of Salem. In the early years, Steve was Public Defender for Marion County for 9 years, then ventured into private practice.  His private practice was primarily criminal defense work where his true passion for the law laid. Through the years he tried several jury trials including at least 15 murder trials with a record of getting the defendant a lesser charge. Steve currently Of Counsel for Olson & Reeves and acts as an advisor to Josh Reeves on criminal cases.

Criminal Cases We Handle

We handle all criminal cases, both felony, and misdemeanor. Some common case types we handle & charges are:

  • DUI
  • Drug Crimes
  • Violent Crimes
  • Sex Crimes
  • Gun & Weapon Charges
  • Theft Crimes
  • Probation Violations
  • Criminal Appeals & Post Conviction Relief
  • Class 1, 2, 3, 4 & X Felonies
  • Class A, B, & C Misdemeanors
  • Traffic Violations
  • Expungements & Sealing (Click Here for More Information!)
  • Criminal Investigations

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No Matter the Charge, We Always Offer Free Case Evaluations!

Where We Handle Cases

Our criminal defense lawyers handle cases across Southern Illinois. Some of the most common counties we practice in are:

How Much Will My Case Cost?

Our prices vary on a case by case basis, based on many different factors, including what criminal charges you are facing. However, we always do an Initial Free Case Evaluation, to discuss your options, and whether we are a right fit for you. If you do hire us its always on a Flat Fee basis, meaning, you will know exactly how much it will cost you. We don’t bill by the hour on criminal cases and there aren’t any hidden fees. 

How We Can Help

Our criminal attorneys understand how scary it can be after you’ve been charged with a crime. We know that you have a lot of questions, about the charges you’re facing, the process, and your future. Josh helps to but these questions to bed. He has experience and knowledge when you need it most. Josh will be completely up front and frank with you about the severity of your charges, and how he can help. Attorney Josh Reeves can help you get the best possible outcome, whether that means getting the case dismissed, going to a jury trial, or working out a reasonable plea with the State. Josh will go through all the evidence and file all the necessary motions to give you the best chance on your case. Your new criminal lawyer Josh Reeves is waiting to hear from you.

Still Not Sure? Listen to Our Former Clients

  • Dylan D. – “Will fight for your rights and very personable, will be there when you need him.” 
  • Josh S. – “I just wrapped up a trial with Josh … Josh won a difficult case for me and more importantly he did it for a reasonable price. I thank him for the victory and the reasonable pricing.”
  • Chris E. – “Amazing results I highly recommend [Josh Reeves].  He took it out of my hands and took care of everything. He made me feel safe putting my young son[‘s] life in his hands. God forbid I have any more problems arise. But at least I know I have some where to turn.”
  • Arrie A. – “Josh was hired to represent a family member. He explained everything so that there was no room for error and handled everything promptly. I would recommend him to anyone!”
  • Kalon C. – “After weeks & weeks of the run around I was referred Mr. Reeves and he took care of things just like he said he would.”

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