“I’ve been hurt in a car accident, how long will my case take?”

The timeline of any personal injury case can vary greatly. There are many factors that can be variables in determining how long the length of a case may take. Some of these factors are

-Liability Issues

-Legal Questions

-Your case involves a large sum of money

-Future Pain and Suffering/Future Medical Problems

Some car accident cases may only take a few weeks to reach a settlement, while other car collision cases may take multiple years.

For example, you were in a car accident but only suffered soft tissue damage with no long term injury. This type of case may only take a couple of months to settle. Hypothetically, you are in an accident with a semi-truck, and you were severely injured, and required months of medical treatment, and multiple surgeries, that case would take much longer to settle. In the semi-truck case, your damages would be substantially higher, and the sum of money alone would require more extensive work. You may have to higher experts, then do depositions of witnesses, or hire an accident reconstructionist.

By speaking with an experienced personal injury lawyer, they will be able to help you get a more firm grasp on the timeline of your case. While it may be frustrating to take so long to settle your injury claim, its often times in your best interest, as your personal injury attorney is working to get you maximum value for your injury.

Olson & Reeves are Mount Vernon Personal Injury Attorneys who can help guide you through the process. We can help you understand the timeline that is fact specific to your case. We work tirelessly for our clients, whether it be a small rear end collision, or a semi-truck collision, we will help maximize your recovery. We always offer free consultations, and we never get paid until you do. Can’t come to us? We will happily come to you. Call today to set up an appointment!