The Disturbing Trend of CILA Abuse in Illinois

The first question your probably asking is, what in the world is a CILA? Community Integrated Living Arrangements or CILAs, are living facilities for adults who have developmental disabilities under supervision of care takers. However, there is a disturbing trend of abuse towards these individuals in these facilities. Individuals in these CILA facilities across the state are being neglected and abused.

The caretakers in these facilities are often times unqualified to care for these people, and some of these people even prey on the innocent disabled adults who are living in these facilities. What creates even more of a nightmare, is that often times these individuals are unable to report the abuse or neglect they are experiencing. These adults living in CILAs are literally the most vulnerable people in society. We should be protecting these individuals, but instead the State of Illinois is sweeping this issue under the rug. There have been instances of CILA residents literally dying from neglect and abuse.

These people are suffering in silence.