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    Illinois Criminal Record Expungements

    To have your record expunged in Illinois simply means that your criminal record has been removed and the public can no longer see it. This erases your criminal record completely. However, not all criminal cases can be erased, there are certain limitations. 

    Some examples of criminal records that can be expunged:

    • If the charges against you were dismissed
    • You were found Not Guilty
    • You were arrested, but no charges were filed.
    • You received Court Supervision or certain types of Probations

    These are some general guidelines, however, reach out to us to discuss your eligibility and options! If you’re not eligible to have your case expunged, there are still options.

    Illinois Criminal Record Sealing

    If you do have a criminal record that cannot be expunged, you may still be able to seal it. During the process of record sealing, your criminal record will no longer be able to be viewed by the public. Law enforcement agencies, certain parts of the government, and some employers may still be able to have access to your criminal record.

    There are several different types of misdemeanors and felonies that can be sealed that wouldn’t qualify for expungement. There are certain time restraints on when you can file a petition. Three years must have passed after you completed any sentence before you can file.

    Executive Clemency

    Not eligible for an expungement or sealing? Not all hope is lost! In Illinois, you can file a petition requesting executive clemency. Under the Illinois Constitution, the governor is granted the power to grant a pardon to a person convicted of a crime. If granted, this would allow the petitioner to expunge their criminal record. 

    Important Note: This process only applies to Illinois state crimes. If you’ve been convicted of a federal offense, you will have to use the federal pardon procedures.

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