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Benton, IL DUI Lawyers

Being convicted of a DUI can change your life. It can lead to a criminal record, potential jail time, and you could lose your driver’s license. That’s why if you’ve been arrested for a DUI, you need a DUI lawyer that understands the criminal aspect of Illinois drunk driving laws, how to fight your DUI charges, and how to protect your driver’s license by challenging the Statutory Summary Suspension. In 2019, the Franklin County State’s Attorneys Office charged 73 DUIs. If you find yourself in Benton or West Frankfort, Illinois with a DUI charge, there is hope. Our DUI lawyers have experience fighting criminal cases and DUI charges at the Franklin County Courthouse, and we’re ready to fight for you.

I Got Arrested for a DUI, am I going to jail?

Just because you have been arrested for a DUI does not mean you’re going to do jail time. In Illinois, a DUI is a class A misdemeanor for a first time offense. That carries up to one year of jail time. Our DUI attorneys can fight these charges. We can oftentimes avoid our DUI clients getting a conviction on their record, get their DUI charge reduced, or even get their DUI thrown out. 

Am I Going To Lose My Driver’s License?

After you’ve been arrested for a DUI, you will get a letter in the mail from the Illinois Secretary of State informing you that your driver’s license is going to be suspended 46 days after your arrest. This suspension is called a Statutory Summary Suspension. At Olson & Reeves, our DUI lawyers fight this Suspension so you can keep your license and stay on the road.

How do your DUI Attorneys fight my charges?

There are countless ways an experienced DUI lawyer can fight a DUI. When you’re being arrested for a DUI the police will administer three tests known as the standardized field sobriety tests. These are:

  • Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus (HGN)
  • Walk-and-Turn
  • One-Leg Stand

A good DUI defense attorney can attack these tests if they were administered improperly by the Police agency administering the field sobriety tests. They can also challenge whether the stop made by the police was lawful, or ensuring that the breathalyzer used by the Police was calibrated correctly.

How Much Do You Charge To Be My DUI Attorney?

Our prices vary on a case by case basis. However, we always do an initial free case evaluation. If you do hire us its always on a flat fee basis, we do not charge by the hour for DUI cases. So there won’t be any hidden fees, and you know exactly how much it will cost upfront.

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Call Us Now for a Free Consultation at : 618-316-7322 or Email Us at olsonreeves@mtvernonlaw.com 

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