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What is a CILA?

A CILA is a community-integrated living arrangement, which is a living arrangement certified by a community mental health or developmental services agency where 8 or fewer recipients with mental illness or recipients with a developmental disability who reside under the supervision of the agency.

Some Common Types of Community-Integrated Living Arrangements include:

  • Adult Foster Care
  • Assisted Residential Care
  • Crisis Residential Care
  • Home Individual Programs
  • Supported Residential Care
  • Community Residential Alternatives
  • Special Needs Trust-Supported Residential Care

Illinois CILA Providers

Approximately 10,000 children and adults with developmental disabilities currently reside in the over 3,000 CILA facilities that are available in Illinois. Not all facilities are created equal, however, and the services provided by each facility varies wildly. Finding the right facility to fit your needs can be a difficult process to navigate.

For a Complete List of All CILA Providers – Click Here

Who Monitors Illinois CILAs?

The Illinois Department of Human Services (IDHS) is the state agency that monitors CILAs. A provider must obtain a license from IDHS to operate a CILA. The most important job of the agency is to inspect the records and premises of CILAs at least once every two years. Unfortunately, the IDHS cannot adequately monitor every CILA. In a 2018 audit of the IDHS oversight of the CILA program, the Auditor General found weaknesses in the IDHS’s monitoring of CILAs, including: 

  • Not reviewing all CILAs;
  • Not monitoring CILA residents’ money; and
  • Paying CILA providers for services they had already paid for.

Illinois CILA Laws

CILA Licensing Laws 

In Illinois, licensing for CILA facilities are governed by the Community Integrated Living Arrangements Licensure Act.

Summary of the Act:

The Act provides the minimum standards that must be met by CILA providers. The goal of the Act is to ensure CILA residents receive appropriate care and services to develop independent living skills. 

Rights of Residents & Appeals

The Rights of CILA Residents are protected by the Mental Health and Developmental Disability Code (MHDD). Illinois law recognizes that individuals with mental health or developmental diseases may be particularly vulnerable to abuse and neglect. 405 ILCS 5/2-112 provides that “[e]very recipient of services in a mental health or developmental disability facility shall be free from abuse and neglect.” 

To ensure that this law is upheld in Illinois CILAs and group homes, Illinois state regulations provide a system for the Office of the Inspector General to investigate reports of abuse or neglect. Unfortunately, this state department is vastly understaffed and ill-equipped to handle the volume of cases of abuse and neglect. That is why hiring an attorney may be essential to protect an individual’s rights to be free from abuse or neglect and hold the responsible parties accountable.

To view the MHDD Code in its entirety – Click Here

To view the Illinois Administrative Code concerning rights and appeals – Click Here

Suspect Abuse or Neglect?

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