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Champaign, IL Traffic Attorneys

Champaign County, Illinois is best known for being home to the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. However, Champaign County is also home to a massive amount of traffic citations every year. With three major interstates, multiple US highways, and five Illinois highways, Champaign is a hotbed for traffic tickets. Leave your ticket to the professionals. We can help you with all your Champaign County moving violations!

What type of tickets do you handle?

  • Speeding in Construction Zone
  • Tickets for CDL Drivers
  • Speeding
  • Scott’s Law Violations
  • Overweight Tickets
  • All other moving violations

Why Choose Olson & Reeves to handle your Champaign County, Illinois Traffic Ticket?

Here at Olson & Reeves, we handle a Volume of Traffic Cases in Champaign County, Illinois every single month, just like the one you’re facing now. You probably have a lot of questions about how the ticket is going to affect you and the costs you’re facing, we can put a lot of these questions to bed. We offer Affordable Flat Rates, and after we’re hired, we handle the ticket start to finish for you in a stress free process. You will not have to appear in court. Reach out so can answer all the questions you have about your Champaign County, Illinois Traffic ticket today! 

Still Not Convinced? Check Out What Our Former Champaign County Traffic Clients Say!

  • Scott P. – “Very happy with the level of professionalism and communication the law firm provided. Special thanks to Sydney who was in constant contact with me and managed the process of getting the Pulaski County speeding ticket resolved. Would definitely recommend Sydney to anyone needing guidance or help.”
  • Samuel P. – “Very down to earth and to the point. No jumping through hoops, no games, just get in, get it done. Highly recommend them for anyone who gets a traffic fine, especially if you get one in that front that Ullin police call a “construction zone.”
  • Tasha C. – “Very down to earth firm. They explain everything up front. And don’t over charge. I’m thanking God for them because I have a CDL and they are saving my livelihood and career.”
  • Randie R. – “They are very attentive, thorough and friendly, especially given the volume of traffic cases they take on. Would definitely recommend! Very professional.”
  • Korina S – “I looked at several firms in the area and all had similar pricing for a speeding ticket defense. Sydney was very nice, knowledgeable and straightforward. The process went smoothly and I appreciated their help.”
  • Nancy T. – “Josh Reeves went above and beyond to get me a fair outcome on my traffic ticket case. He took the time to explain everything and saved me from having to take off of work for the day for court. I had called different attorneys prior and ended up selecting Josh. He was thorough in explaining everything to me from start to finish. Go with the best, call him and his firm first if you want the best outcome possible. I’d use them again in a heartbeat!!”

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