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“How Long Do I Have To File A Lawsuit?”

Illinois Statute of Limitations in Personal Injury Cases

What is a Statute of Limitations? A Statute of Limitations is a legally binding timeline that determines how long an individual has to file a lawsuit. Every state varies on the length of time and case type, but the common theme is that knowing the statute of limitations for your specific case is imperative. If you miss your deadline for your case, even by a day, you can be completely barred from any recovery. If you have a personal injury case or potential injury case, you need to act sooner than later.

Illinois has various statute of limitations for different types of injuries. Some of those Statute of Limitations include:

Car Accidents- Two years from the date of the car accident to recover for personal injury.

Dog Bites- Two years from the date of the bite to recover for personal injury.

Slip and Fall– Two years after the date of the fall to recover for personal injury.

Medical Malpractice- Two years from the date that the patient knew, or should have known of the injury.

Nursing Home Abuse- Two year from the date of the abuse.

Knowing the timeline of your case is crucial to the success. Even the most egregious, open and shut personal injury cases can be dismissed or barred if the Statute of Limitations is missed.

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