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If you have been served with an Order of Protection or are needing an Order of Protection against someone to protect yourself, our Order of Protection lawyers can help. Our Attorneys have handled dozens of Order of Protection cases, defending & prosecuting them.

What is an Order of Protection?

An Order of Protection is a court order to prevent someone from harassing, stalking, or abusing you. Typically, an Order of Protection is against a family, relationship partner, or household member. If the person is not a family member, or have any real relationship to you, then you would be seeking a Stalking No Contact Order, which in essence does the same thing.

Emergency Orders of Protection & Plenary Orders of Protection

An Emergency Order of Protection can be granted to the plaintiff without prior service or notice to the defendant. It is to ensure safety to the filer until the court can hear a Plenary Order of Protection. A Plenary Order of Protection hearing is when the court decides to extend the Emergency Order up to two years. This hearing allows the defendant to defend and put on evidence to show that he did not commit the acts he is alleged to have made.

Standard of Proof

At a Plenary Order of Protection hearing, the plaintiff must prove by a preponderance of the evidence that the defendant did in fact harass, stalk, or abuse the plaintiff, and they must show a pattern of behavior. Preponderance of the evidence is just a legal term meaning more likely than not, or 51% likely. This is unlike a criminal proceeding where the standard of proof is much higher, which is beyond a reasonable doubt. 

Violations of an Order of Protection

If you violate an Order of Protection you can be arrested for a Class A Misdemeanor. If you have been served with an Emergency Order of Protection, or have had a Plenary Order of Protection against you, you cannot speak to the other party directly in person, or by e-mail, texting, Facebook, etc. You can also not contact them by means of a 3rd party, meaning you cannot have someone else talk to them for you.

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