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What is Guardianship?

Guardianships is a legal process that allows a person to make decisions for another, known as a ward. Typically a guardian is appointed in instances of disability or incapacity. Being a guardian for a ward allows the guardian to manage financial matters and medical decisions.

Powers of a Guardian

Guardians have powers that the ward cannot do by themselves. Some of the powers of a guardian may be:

  • Making Financial Decisions for the Ward
  • Making Medical Decisions for the Ward
  • Informing the Court of the ward’s current state, including physical, mental, and financial updates.

How To Become A Guardian?

The court typically chooses based on the wishes of the ward. However, a ward is not always able to tell the court what they want. The court then looks to wills or power of attorney documents. Not everyone has these documents, however. In that case, typically the court appoints family members to be the guardian, a spouse, parents, children, etc.

How Can Olson & Reeves Help?

Our experienced guardianship attorney can help you file the necessary Petition for Guardianship, help you file the required physician’s report, help with the appointment of a Guardian Ad Litem, and generally guide you through the entire Guardianship process to make it as easy and effortless as possible for you.

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