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We Will Help You Seek Justice After The Loss Of A Loved One

Wrongful death cases are different than any other type of injury case. The pain of losing a loved one never fully heals. No amount of money can ever fill the void that is left after a tragedy. There will always be an empty place at the dinner table.

No Lawyer, no judge, and no jury can turn back time and bring your loved one back. However, the compensation that is available to those left behind can give them some semblance of justice, and ensure that the decedents loved ones are taken care of, which is exactly what your loved one would have wanted.

We Work Hard For Survivors

The Illinois Wrongful Death Attorneys at Olson & Reeves, Attorneys at Law work diligently and tirelessly for survivors. We listen to your story, and we tell you all the legal options available to you. We don’t hide the ball, and we explain everything in a way you can understand. 

Our Promise to Survivors

While attorneys can never guarantee outcomes of a case, we can make you a promise. We will never stop fighting for you, both at the negotiating table, and in the courtroom.

Types of Wrongful Death Cases

There are a wide variety of cases that can lead to wrongful death cases, some common ones are:

Motor Vehicle Accidents: Car Crashes, Semi-Truck Accidents, Motorcycle Collisions, are all a common cause of injury-related death.

Medical Malpractice: Mistakes made by doctors, or even misdiagnosis unfortunately lead to many deaths across the United States every year.

Falls: As we get older, we become more susceptible to falls. These can lead to injury-related deaths.

Work Related Deaths: Some injury-related deaths may occur leading to a wrongful death claim.

Compensation Available

Survivors may be entitled to several different kinds of damages. Including funeral and burial costs, economic damages from loss of future wages, and pain and suffering compensation.

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