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    Southern Illinois Premises Liability Lawyers

    According to the CDC, over one million Americans get injured every year due to a slip, trip, or fall, and over 17,000 people die annually because of these falls. When you suffer a slip and fall accident this is known as premises liability. A property owner fails to maintain their stairs, walkways, building, or parking lots safe and secure, and by failing to due so, they create a risk of injury.

    Common Slip & Fall Case Types

    Slip and falls accidents can happen anywhere, and the property owner has a duty to keep their premises safe. Some of the most common calls we get for Slip and Fall cases are:

    • Restaurants 
    • Grocery Stores
    • Apartment Complexes
    • Parking Lots

    Slip & Fall Cases – What You Have To Prove

    In order to prove that the property owner knew of the dangerous condition, you have to show that:

    1. Some conditions on the property presented an unreasonable risk of injury to you.
    2. The property owner knew or should have known of the condition and injury risk.
    3. The property owner could have reasonably expected that you would not have discovered or realized the danger.
    4. Property owners id not take reasonable steps to protect you by fixing the hazard or warning you.
    5. As a result of the negligence, you suffered injuries.

    I Slipped & Fell – What Should be the Next Steps I Take?

    1. Get medical treatment immediately. A slip and fall may not seem serious but it can cause significant injuries. It is always better to be safe than sorry.
    2. Make sure you report your accident to the owner or manager on duty. Make sure there is some report in writing, and make sure you get witness information.
    3. Take pictures of the scene where it happened.
    4. Write down what happened in your own words right away while the event is fresh in your mind.
    5. The insurance company will try to get you to give a recorded statement. Don’t. They are not trying to help you, only use what you say against you.
    6. Don’t talk to anyone about your case other than your doctors.
    7. Call a Slip and Fall lawyer immediately. They will help you gather all the evidence, get your medical documents and bills.

    Do I Need a Premises Liability Attorney?

    Insurance companies are out to minimize how much they have to pay. Having an experienced injury attorney on your side will help you get the maximum value for your injuries. 

    Where do you handle Slip and Fall Cases?

    We handle Slip and Fall cases across Southern Illinois. If you’ve been hurt, we can help! We offer FREE CASE EVALUATIONS and if need be, our slip and fall lawyers will travel to you to discuss your options.

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