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It is an extremely hard thing to do when it comes time to put a loved one in a nursing home. When we are forced to put a loved one in a nursing home, we hope that those caring for them are treating them well. However, Nursing Home Abuse is an unfortunate reality, and our nursing home lawyers fight for those who can’t fight for themselves. We bring those who have harmed the elderly to justice and stop the abuse of others in the process.


  • Physical Abuse
  • Neglect
  • Wrongful Death
  • Financial Exploitation
  • Sexual Abuse

What are the signs of nursing home abuse?

There are many red flags that you should be aware of. Unexplained bruising on your loved one is a common sign of physical abuse. Bedsores are a frequent occurrence whenever the elderly are being neglected. Changes in your loved one’s personality is also a common symptom of some type of abuse. Your loved one not receiving their medicine could be neglect and sometimes may even lead to the path of wrongful death.

Where does your firm represent Nursing Home Abuse clients?

Our firm proudly represents clients across southern Illinois. Our nursing home abuse lawyers commonly represent clients in:

  • Jefferson County, Illinois
  • Williamson County, Illinois
  • Marion County, Illinois
  • Franklin County, Illinois
  • St. Clair County, Illinois
  • Effingham County, Illinois
  • Clinton County, Illinois
  • Jackson County, Illinois
  • Wayne County, Illinois
  • Perry County, Illinois
  • Fayette County, Illinois
  • Washington County, Illinois
  • Saline County, Illinois
  • Wabash County, Illinois

How much do you charge, I don’t know if I can afford an attorney?

When it comes to nursing home abuse, we never get paid until the family does. If we are unable to win your case, you don’t owe us a dime. Our firm fronts all the costs in litigating the case, and we don’t get it back until we win! We review your case for free, and if you are unable to come to us, we’ll make the trip to you.

How do we reach you?

There are two ways to reach out to us! You can e-mail us at olsonreeves@mtvernonlaw.com or you can call us at 618-316-7322 and speak to one of our Illinois Nursing Home Abuse attorneys for free to evaluate your case.

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