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    Bond County IL Car Accident Attorneys

    Car accidents can happen anytime, to anyone, and without warning. Car accidents can happen to even the safest drivers. In a split second, your life can change forever. There are thousands of reckless, careless, and distracted drivers on the roads in southern Illinois. The most common type of injury case we handle is auto accidents. Each day we fight for our clients who have been hurt as a result of a car crash, and we’re ready to fight for you too. 

    Common Car Accident Injuries

    Car crashes can cause a variety of different injuries. A car crash doesn’t even have to be a high impact in order to cause severe injury. Even a low-speed fender bender can cause neck, shoulder, and back problems. Some common types of injuries that are caused by being in a car accident:

    • Whiplash & Neck Injuries
    • Soft Tissue Injuries (Bruises, Scrapes, Cuts, Sprains)
    • Herniated Discs
    • Knee Trauma & Injuries
    • Broken Bones & Fractures
    • Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and other Head Injuries
    • Back & Spinal Cord Injuries
    • Shoulder Injuries

    Delayed Injuries – If you have been injured in a car accident and you believe you’re fine, you should still seek medical attention right away. It’s very common for injuries from a car accident not to show up for days or even weeks after an accident. Don’t try to tough it out. You should go to the hospital or see a doctor right away.

    Emergency Helicopter Life Flights If you or a loved one was life-flighted to another hospital, Click Here For More Information!

    Do I Need a Lawyer After a Car Accident?

    This is a common question that we are often asked. The answer is that it depends, but the answer is almost always “Yes.” If you were in a car accident and there was only property damage, you can usually just get the insurer to repair your car or replace it.

    If you were injured as a result of a car crash, you should hire an injury lawyer. A study showed that people who hire a lawyer after being injured in an accident receive payouts 91% of the time, as opposed to people who represent themselves, who only get paid out 51% of the time. A different study also shows that individuals who hire personal injury attorneys typically received 3 and ½ Times Larger Settlements when they have an injury lawyer.

    Proven Results: Recent Car Accident Case Victories

    We don’t just talk a big game. We get results. We’re ready to get results for you too. Here are some of our recent results for car accident clients:

    • $250,000 Insurance Policy Limit Settlement – Our client was in a car accident in St. Clair County, Illinois. After trying to handle the case by himself for 18 months, he had an offer of $65,000 on the table. After retaining us, we settled the case within 1 month, getting the maximum policy limit of $250,000.
    •  Insurance Policy Limit Settlement Our client was involved in a motorcycle accident after a distracted driver ran into the back of his motorcycle. Thankfully, our client did not have any long-term injuries. He suffered from road rash and soft tissue injuries. We were able to settle his case for the maximum insurance policy limits available.
    • Insurance Policy Limit Settlement Our clients were a husband and wife that were pulled over on the side of the road assisting another vehicle with a flat tire. After getting back into their vehicle, a distracted driver came across into their lane and drove off the road, and caused a head-on collision. After hiring us to handle their car accident case in Wayne County, Illinois, we were able to help them settle both of their cases for the maximum insurance policy limits available.
    • Insurance Policy Limit Settlement Our client was stopped at a stop sign in Mt. Vernon, Illinois.  A distracted driver rear-ended her. Our client suffered from whiplash and a shoulder sprain. After trying to negotiate with the insurance company herself and being offered barely enough to cover her medical bills, she hired us. We were able to help her get a settlement for the maximum insurance policy limits available.
    • $110,000 Settlement Our client was a passenger in a passenger vehicle and was involved in a car accident in Jefferson County, Illinois.
    • $45,000 Settlement Our client was involved in an I-57 car accident in Jefferson County, Illinois. Our client was side swiped on Interstate 57 after a careless driver did not check his side-view mirror when he changed lanes. Our client was pushed off the road but fortunately, he only sustained soft tissue damage, mainly, a strained neck and shoulder. 

    What Sets Olson & Reeves, Car Accident Lawyers Apart?

    • Over 98% Success Rate – We have a record of winning injury cases. So you know if we take your case, you’re in winning hands.
    • Lowest Fee Guarantee” – All Personal Injury Attorneys work off a contingency fee basis. We guarantee we’ll be the lowest, which puts more money in our client’s pockets.
    • Access To Your Attorney – When we become your Car Accident attorney, you’ll actually be able to talk to your lawyer. No frequent calls with no response. Our injury clients get calls back ASAP.
    • We Hate Bullies – Insurance Companies try to take advantage of those that have been injured. We don’t let them. We go to War against the insurance companies daily. We make sure you get what you deserve.

    No Office Visits Required! We Can Come To You or Set Up a Free Virtual Consultation!

    Still Not Sure? Listen To Former Clients!

    • Matthew W. – This firm is highly recommended!! They are professional, efficient, and polite! The firm keeps you updated step by step and explains the process clearly!! Sydney is just plain awesome!! Love these guys!”
    • Heather M. – They are amazing! I contacted them and they responded immediately! Kept me updated through the whole process! I will always recommend them and use them in the future!”
    • Johnnie T. – “They were honest with us from the start and really gave us every option they could think of. They took their time and really listened to the whole story. I would highly recommend them!”
    • Chad H. – “Best results that I ever had from an attorney! Highly Recommend!”
    • Heather M. – “Josh was amazing! He cared about my concerns and made me feel comfortable. I cannot recommend Olson and Reeves enough for anyone needing an attorney.”
    • Rita S. – “Very friendly, cared about me as a person. Great communication.”

    Where Our Law Firm Handles Auto Accident Cases

    Our Car Accident Lawyers take care across ALL of Southern Illinois, some of the counties we handle are:

    Don’t see your county? We still want you to reach out! We can handle car accident cases anywhere in Illinois. If we can’t help you, we’ll send you to someone who can!

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